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Just Getting Started Lesson1


You are proud owner of a WWS! Complete Solution to make a successful website.

You have bought a wonderwebsite.

You have registered your domain name even.

Now you want to start make a wonderful website.

You can start in two ways

  1. Using wonder websites site builder

  2. Using an html editors

Before deciding what to opt for read all the pros and cons of both.


Using wonderwebsites Sitebuilder: -

This is the easiest way to start.

You need not to learn html or any web language.

You need not to know designing or graphics or editing. All you need to know is how to write on MS World or Even on note Pad. If you can write on your PC using keyboard you can use our site builder.

Here is the demo of site builder. you can see understand the functions of site sitebuider BUT can’t publish your page on Demo Site there are limited nomber of templates and other function on demo site.

If you want to use our site builder simply email us at EMAIL US:

And request us to create your account at site builder Do NOT Forget to mention your name, username and domain name and email while requesting.

We shall create your account and email you.

Using sitebuilder to make your web web site is not the best way to make a web site.

The best way to learn advance web site building techniques is to use html editor.

To reach the top you should not start from the bottom of the sea. So we recommend you to use html
Note: If you have bought SBP (small biz plan) or BBP, we shall use html editor and Dream Weaver to make your website.

Using html editors :-

This is the basic technique to build a website if you want to be an advance and powerfull website maker. To learn advance all about web building you must use html editor to reach higher you should start from a good platform.

Wonderwebsites tools and html editor is combines to be a prefect combination to reach highest level in knowledge of making a successful website so if you want to touch significant level in worldwide web we recommend using html editors to make your website.

The knowledge of html is not required in modern html editors. But we recommend you to learn basic html side by side. Here is a simple tutorial to learn basic html also find basic html & xhtml tags.

If you want to learn A to Z then read this HTML Guide.

Download any of the guide. Right Click on link and save it in your pc for detailed reading.

Its only the effort of downloading and installing html editor which make starters to opt for effortless site builders. But with our excellent Just Getting Started action plan it would not be difficult for you to start at right platform that is html editors

There are many html editors available in the market some are paid and others are free.





Dream weaver


Coffee Cup






Now click on the tool of your choice, download and install in your computer. Then go to Lesson No. 1


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