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Just Getting Started Lesson2


You have downloader and installed HTML editor.


First of all make folder in D,E or F drive of your Computer. Make a folder of your domain name. Ifs will make folder as If your domain is then you will make a folder named
Now go to your browser. You may use internet explorer, mozilla firefox or google chrome. Mozilla is best browser even for slow connections. Fill URL of your control panel in adress bar of your browser. URL of your browser should be like this.
If your domain name is then URL of your cPanel should be
now login to your cPanel with the given Usename and Password. You will find your Username and Password in your Welcome email when you purchased WWS!.
Now you are in cPanel of your website. With WWS! you are owner and master of your Website as you are owner and master of your cPanel.
Go to the last box named Advanced.
Click templates icon.
Select the category of your website and click to preview different template in that category.
Select any one of your choice and download your template.
Save anywhere on your computer you will get the template in a zip folder extract it into same name folder. Now click the extracted folder.
Here you will find two folders named

  • with_flash
  • Without_flash

With flash folder contains a PSD flash template with flash capably they are moving, glowing and flashing templates. They look beautiful but there are many drawbacks of PSD flash templates.

  1. They distract the visitor from content.

  2. Visitor focus on moving flash than content.

  3. If contains large psd files and covers great storage space of your space which leads to delay in loading and discourage visitors.

  4. you receive too little visitor on PSD Flash Templates band width than in without_flash simple HTML templates. The greater the content the grater the pages the greater the popularity in search enzine and greater the success so always opt for without_flash template for you long term success.

Now you have downloaded templates, extracted it and explored it. Now click HTML folder in any template type and open it.
If you have selected without_flash template you will find following folder.

  • flash
  • images
  • html files
  • style css

If you have selected without_flash template you will find following folder.

  • images
  • html files
  • style css

What ever template you choose copy the files and folders of this folder and paste it into your domain name folder you just made in any drive of your computer like folder.

You are done. Now Open the HTML editor you just installed. To open simply it simply click on the icon on your desktop. You may have installed SeaMonkey, DreamWeaver, Coffe Cup or any of your choice. If you have bought it the paid one it will be super easy to use and it comes with 100% support. The free one have larger learning curve and without support so are bit difficult to use. Using Paid one is not a problem so we will tell you about using a free html editor called SeaMonkey.

Ok !

Click the Icon of SeaMonkey on your desktop or Start Menu.
You will see a window of Sea Monkey. Now see on left top. You will see tabs named

File  Edit  Insert  Format  Table  Tools  Window  Help

Click on the Window tab. You will see a drop down menu. Click Composer from that menu.

You will see a new window. Click Open Icon which open a new window from your computer. Open domain name folder and select Index and open it. Yes now you can do as many as changes in your index page. To change header, logo, or images of your template you need a good image editor to do it. To do changes in with_flash template you must have Adobe Flash software and must have knowledge of how to use it. You can create your own customised header and totally replace it with the image you want to replace but try to maintain dimentions for template to remain professional.

You can take help of a professional in this case. Or you can take help of support at WWS!. Or oue Expert ourself can set it for you for a nominal fee. Contact Experts at WWS! To contact Experts at WWS! simply email us and tell your problem.


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