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Just Getting Started Lesson3

You have customised your template. Now know how to make basic changes in html files and how to save it.

Now what changes you have to do to customise your template index.html.
Changes to be done in Flash Template
You may need to modify

  • flash files- To make changes in the flash files which may be swf or fla files you need adobe flash professional software. You also need to know how to use it to change codes of text, effects, flash and images in flash. If you lack time to do all this simply contact us.
  • Images- To make changes to image files you need an image editor. It may be adobe photoshop, and amny free one like gimp, paintnet, paint, picasa web album etc. If you do't want to download any software , you can also do it online on Its a wonderful site where you can do almost anything to your images except layers. Try to keep dimentions of images same as images in home page but on other pages you can do as you think right. Idea is image dimention should not spoil the formatting of home page. Important- these two points are very important to be remembered. 1. No file should be greater than 20kb in size. It will create problem in loading your image files and when image is not loading fast your visitor would not wait so no convenience , no impressions so no visitors on your site.
  • Links-You need to change the links on your home page. Link contains two things. Link text and linking page url. Link text is what you see. Linking page url is url of the page which will open after clicking link. Link text should be something you want to tell your visitor about the link. To make a text a link simply select it and click link icon on your editor. It will open into a popup window which will ask you to enter the URL of linked page. url is file name and is like . If the page is on same domain name the you just need to enter tcos.html .
  • Content- Content is the King they say. Content is what you write about the site, about page, about title, about heading or anything. Write original, do not copy and paste from other sites.

Changes to be done by Without Flash Template- All things are same in without_flash tmplates except it does not contain flash files. The main changes and modification lies with images of header etc. That is to be done by any image editor of your choice. Or simply contact us.

In the templates you will find other html files like index1, index2 and index3. One of them contain title as contact us. You can customise your contact us options, images, links and contact us form. To chenge form simply read this article specially written to make a wonderful Contact Us Form. Click here to know how to make a functional Contact Us Form. Do not forget to save your changes after changing.

Making Pages for articles- Select any page from your template which you thing is most suitable for writing long articles. Modify it and save it as article. Now whenever you want to write any new article page open it through composer of your html editor save as by new page name html file. Change title and write. Save changes after writing. You are done. Do not forget to link it on your home page(index) or on page where you think this page should open from.


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